Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

For last year’s steel price trend research, in order to develop the end market, the commitment to their own business products “lifelong responsibility system”, “the pursuit of profits under the sun”. Although the price has rebounded since September, but the whole industry is still a mournful, scarred, 4 quarter profit is difficult to make up for the loss of the year. According to statistics, the Canton Fair to the number of buyers to more than 210,000, a record high, but by the international economic environment, the impact of the recession, the majority of short orders, turnover fell nearly 5% compared to the ring. The reason why raw material prices are more firm is twofold: one is that with the rebound in prices, bright seamless steel pipe price sentiment began to optimistic; two is because the National Day holiday is near, from the manipulation habits, steel mills will add raw materials inventory before the holiday. Business survival is the first thing, first to be able to survive, however to develop. Next, the Steel Association will actively carry out research and study to understand the common demands of enterprises, and actively reflect to the relevant parts of the state the common issues that the industry needs to address; cooperate with the relevant parts of the state to do a good job of investigation, organization and other work, and strive to establish a fair and just market environment, to provide better services to member companies. In other words, the current spot and raw material price adjustment rhythm of the huge difference, not only led to steel mills to face the pressure of losses again, but also caused the market price off-season passive up situation. Regardless of how the market price fluctuations, for the steel mills, the pressure of the aftermarket will be increasingly large. And because the cost remains high, steel mill profits are always not optimistic. At the same time, iron ore strong upward, coke, scrap steel and other raw material prices continue to strengthen, the cost of rising steel prices to form a strong support.

What does the downturn in the price of bright seamless steel pipe in 2012 tell us? From the situation throughout 2012, steel prices are at a low level of volatility. “He Jinbao said. For the steel price trend analysis and speculation, must be based on the fundamentals of the steel industry operation.

Comprehensive view, 2012 is the most difficult year for the steel industry. It is also due to the money tight; steel mills can only helplessly gradually eliminate iron ore inventory and other manipulation that accounts for too much money; even in September when the price of imported ore fell to a low of $89, steel mills can only look at the ocean and sigh, until after October, steel enterprises with the steel price rebound profit amplification, only later flooded with a swarm of snapping up imported ore things happen.

The researcher said, taking into account the actual situation of the whole industry profit thin and thin, the growth of demand inherited slowdown, the steel industry mergers and acquisitions risky, the pace of most mergers and acquisitions have slowed down, resulting in a significant reduction of cases of mergers and acquisitions in the steel industry in 2012. Rather, from the realization of the development goals of a well-off society, in the expansion of economic development space and improve the latent demand for people’s livelihood to promote the pulling power of the new economic growth points. Let’s look at the change of billet market prices. In the first half of the year, the highest transaction price of common carbon billet products reached 3,430 yuan/ton, and the market price of low alloy billet was close to 3,600 yuan/ton, which played a great role in promoting profile products and strip products, and the overall price of profile products reached the level of 3,700-3,800 yuan/ton, while the market price of hot rolled narrow strip steel was rapidly The market price of hot-rolled narrow strip steel market prices rose rapidly, East China and South China market prices at the level of about 3950 yuan / ton, the market is also more stable operation; medium plate market prices inherited high level of unrest, Tianjin market bright seamless steel pipe prices at more than 3800 yuan / ton, Shanghai market at more than 3950 yuan / ton, Guangzhou market in is reached more than 4200 yuan / ton level, the overall market price is also better. At the same time, since the second half of 2012, domestic commodity housing sales rebounded, land supply and demand amplified, which is conducive to promoting the growth rate of real estate development investment pick up in 2013.