Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Is not the steel mill owners are really so “retarded”? Do they really not know to stock more goods when the price of ore is low (at least not to a large number of inventory and lead to certain risks)? It really does not know that ultra-low raw material inventory may bring risk? Is it really not clear that steel production has the characteristics of continuous ……? For the steel market “hundred twists and turns” to see a lot of knowledge of the owners of steel enterprises, sure not as “retarded”.

In fact, although China’s bright seamless steel pipe price demand has turned a certain turnaround, but the turnaround is not so significant, especially now that it is close to China’s traditional “year off”, the short-term steel demand will not be flooded with a significant rise. According to this trend, China’s auto production is estimated to reach 19.4 million units in 2012, an increase of about 5%.

In 2012, steel demand is weak, some economic indicators showing the strength of steel consumption growth rate shrunk significantly.

According to the current bright seamless steel pipe price field conditions and the steel plant start-ups in various countries, global crude steel production is expected to increase by 1.5% year-on-year to 1.54 billion tons in 2012, a record high.

According to the Iron and Steel Industry Association statistics show that in the past two years, the steel industry’s sales revenue margin from 8.11% in 2004, all the way down, in 2011, the uniform sales margin of key large and medium-sized steel enterprises at home was only 2.42%, far below the uniform profit margin level of industrial enterprises above the national scale in the same period, and the first 10 months of 2012, it is down to -0.18% of the lowest point, the whole The industry is facing losses. According to the market response, construction steel, hot-rolled coil, plate and other major finished products shipments are performing well, the market exists to collect the phenomenon, the turnover of the good also make the price of bright seamless steel pipe rise homeopathic push, help steel prices sharply higher.

From the steel market, a number of steel mills raised the factory price in January, such as Baosteel, Shagang, Ma Steel, Anshan Steel, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, etc. have raised plate, wire rod and other steel prices ranging from 100-130 yuan per ton, pushing 13 years steel prices. As of January 8, 2013, the national average price of rebar was 3,774 yuan/ton, a sharp increase of 149 yuan/ton compared to December 27, 2012.