Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

The Turkish Statistics (TUIK) showed that Turkish semi-finished steel exports (mainly square billets) increased from 453,400 tons from 2020 to 830,700 tons in January-September. Due to global steel prices, export revenue increased from $ 1.83.5 billion to $ 493.1 million. Morocco is still the largest sea semi-finished buyer in Turkey in 2021, despite 23% year-on-year, the import volume is 21,1800 tons, and Peru imports 124,300 tons of square billet from Turkey, which is four times four times in 2020. China has been one of the semi-finished steel suppliers of Turkey, and has become one of the largest billet export markets in Turkey by 2021. Despite the sharp decline from China’s imported billet, the export volume of the country reached approximately 100,000 tons in the nine months ago, making it a third-largest semi-finished market in Turkey. Turkish steel mills also transported 57,000 tons of semi-finished products to Tunis during January to September. The shipments of Guatemala and Mexico are 50,700 tons and 45,000 tons, respectively, and semi-finished products are shipped to both countries during 2020. Turkish steel mill exports 44,900 tons of semi-finished products to Taiwan, China, and the total export of Dominican Republic is 40,000 tons. In addition, Turkish steel mills were 23,800 tons, 23,500 tons, and 20,200 tons, respectively.

On November 16th, the Russian authorities held a meeting on trade supervision and decided to increase the minimum tax rate of black metal waste from 70 euros / ton to 100 euros / ton, while tax scales were still maintained at 15%. Although the market is generally considered to be mandatory, the regulations will require further approval of the government. According to the price of waste steel in the global market, it is possible to adjust, so another meeting will be held in mid-December 2021. The increased export tax will take effect from January 1 to 3022, 2022. Market people said that in view of the increase in logistics costs and the overall market situation, tariffs actually impose disabled from Russia export scrap. Turkey is the main export destination of Russian scrap exports, and its market participants have been trying to estimate the above decisions on their business activities. A trader said: \”Russia is an important source that supplies the deep-sea cargo and the short sea cargo in the Baltic Sea area. There is no doubt that these shipments will be more challenging, the seller will be priced at pricing More cautious. \”Many people think that if Russian suppliers are unable to obtain scrap export profits in some periods, they will choose to reduce collection to avoid increasing the supply of local markets, which naturally leads to the decline in scrap prices. According to customs statistics, from January to September this year, Turkey imported 1.68 million tons of scrap steel from Russia, and 2020 imports were 2.35 million tons.