Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

On November 5, 2021, Columbia Trade and Tourism Tourism issued No. 280 of 29 October 2021, which made anti-dumping affirmative and decided to the original steel profile of China, decided to collect offshore declarations on the product (FOB)37.88% of the anti-dumping duty, measures were taken into force from the date of the announcement to the official communique, and the validity period was 3 years.The product involved is a thickness of less than or equal to 0.46 mm, simple processing or cold-processed, light-type non-structural galvanized and aluminized zinc steel profiles involving Colombian tax No. 7216.61.00.00, 7216.91.00.00 and 728.70.00.00.On September 2, 2020, Colombia launched anti-dumping in China.On December 7, 2020, Colombia made anti-dumping podification on China’s products involved, and preliminary ruling did not impose temporary anti-dumping tax on the product involved. The case involves Colombian tax No. 7216.61.00.00, 7216.69.00, 7216.91.00.00, 7216.99.00.00 and 7228.70Products under. 00.00.


On October 28, 202, the India Taxation Bureau issued a report No. 64/2021-Customs (Add), accepting India’s Ministry of Commerce, on July 30, 2021, who originated or imported from China from China. Steel, alloy or non-alloy seamless steel pipes and hollow profiles [Seamless Tubes Pipes and Hollow Profiles of Iron, Alloy or Non Alloy Steel (Other Than Cast Iron and Stainless Steel) made the first anti-dumping sunset Review affirmative final TD suggestions, that is, for the continued collection of five-year anti-dumping duty on China’s products, the tax amount is the difference between imported commodity declaration (premise is below the minimum price) and the minimum price, the minimum price is $ 961.33 / metric ton ~ 161.67 USD / metric ton. This measure is in effect on the date of the official bulletin by the report. The products involved in the case are not more than 355.6 mm or 14 inches, regardless of hot rolling, cold pull or cold rolled seamless steel pipe and hollow profile, which involves the products under India Customs Code 7304. The anti-dumping measures of this case are not applicable: cast iron and stainless steel seamless tubes, compliant with ASTM A2L3 / ASME SA 213 and ASTM A335 / ASME SA 335 or BIS / DIN / BS / EN or any other equivalent seamless alloy steel pipe, Pipes and hollow profiles, non-API and high-quality joints / high quality connections / high quality threaded tubes, all 13 chromium (13CR) grades, drill, Indian government explosives, oil and explosive safety (Explosives, Petroleum And Explosives Safety Organisation, Government Ofindia) The high-pressure seamless steel pipe produced by the manufacturer approved by the headquarters. On July 8, 2015, India’s business department was investigated against seamless steel pipes and hollow profiles originally produced in China. On February 17, 2017, India officially imposed a five-year anti-dumping duty on China’s products, and the tax amount was deducted / adjusted to pay the payment tax (if any), the imported value, the premise is lower than The minimum price) and the difference between the minimum limit ($ 961.33 / metric ton to 1610.67 US dollars / metric ton). On February 19, 202, India’s business department issued an announcement. Applications submitted by Indian Enterprise ISMT LIMITED and JINDAL SAW LIMITED, iron, alloys or non-alloys other than cast iron and stainless steel from China Sewing steel pipe and hollow profile launched the first anti-dumping sunset recovery investigation. On July 30, 2021, the Indian Business DepartmentThe case made the first anti-dumping sunset repeatedly.