Sun. Oct 2nd, 2022

The Ministry of India said on January 7 that the government has no longer imposing anti-dumping duties from the concentrated hot rolling and cold-rolled steel from Yasui 7 countries.The proposal was proposed by the US, the Ministry of Industry and Industry, September 14, 2021, that is, the Brazil, China’s hot-rolled paper rolls, and the alloy and non-alloy heat of Indonesia, Japan, Russia and South Korea.Rolling sheets are prolonged for five years.It is $ 478 / ton, $ 489 / ton and $ 561 / ton, HS code: 7208, 7211, 7225 and 7226, initial tariffs take effect on August 8, 2016, due to the expiration of August 8, 2021.For alloys and non-alloy cold rolled panels, HS encodings: 7209, 7211, 7225 and 7226, DGTR proposal for $ 576 / ton tariffs from Japan, China, South Korea and Ukraine.The initial customs increased from August 8, 2016 to August 8, 2021.

\”Joint Morning Post\” on January 10, the day of the Philippines called on Indonesia to relieve its coal export ban.According to reports, the Philippine Energy Minister Cusi refers to the Indonesian policy that is not conducive to economic dependence on fuel power generation.The Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources announced on December 31 last year that the national power company reported that fuel inventories were in dangerous low levels, and Indonesia banned coal exports from January 1, 2022 to prioritize domestic power demand.The ban has not been released so far.