Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

On October 5, 202, the Mexico Ministry of Economics issued an announcement in the official communiqué, and the application for Mexican companies COMPA? Íamineraautlán, SabDec.v. The first anti-dumping sunset was launched for the original or imported from India.Investigate the case.The dumping period of this case is July 1, 202-1, June 30, 202, which is damaged to July 30, 2016. June 30, 2016.The TIGIE tax ID involved in the case is 7202.30.01 and 9802.00.13.During the investigation of this case, the current anti-dumping duty continued to be effective.The announcement takes effect from the date of delivery.On September 7, 2015, Mexico was investigated for anti-dumping on silicone manganese originally or imported from India.On March 29, 2016, Mexico made an anti-dumping school for the case and preliminary ruling 43.17% of the products involved in the case.On October 18, 2016, Mexico made an anti-dumping affirmative of India’s products, and began to collect 40.25% anti-dumping duties involved in the case.


On October 8, 202, India’s business department issued an announcement that the first anti-dumping sunset re-examination of the original anti-dumping sunset was made to the original anti-dumping sunset, and it is recommended to continue to import itself or protected from China. And the European Union involved in the case of anti-dumping duties in a minimum price, that is, the anti-dumping duty on the product involved in the case where imported prices is lower than the minimum price, the tax amount is the difference between the shore price and the minimum price, the minimum price is $ 822 / mt. This case involves the product of India Customs Codes 7210, 7212, 7225, and 7226. A plate material that is greater than or equal to 6 mm does not apply to the anti-dumping measures of this case. On June 29, 2016, the Indian Business Department issued an announcement, launched an anti-dumping investigation for color coated sheets originating or imported from China and the EU. On October 20, 2016, India made the case’s anti-dumping positive preliminary, suggested that the temporary anti-dumping duty tax on China and the European Union, the taxation amount is the difference between the price and the lowest price, the minimum price is $ 849 / ton. On August 30, 2017, India made anti-dumping and affirmative and finalized the case. It is recommended to impose anti-dumping duties on imported self-oriented products related to China and the European Union. The tax amount is the difference between the price and the minimum price, the lowest. The limit is $ 822 / metric ton. On October 17, 2017, the Ministry of Finance of India issued the report No. 49/2017-Customs (Add), decided to impose anti-dumping duties in the lowest price of China and the EU, effective for 5 years, since 2017 January 11th to January 10, 2022. On July 26, 202, the Indian Martial Economics Department issued an announcement that the Indian Iron and Steel Association was applied, and the first anti-dumping sunset recovery case survey was launched for color coated plates originating or imported from China and the EU. The case involved goods under customs codes 72107000,72124000,72259900 and 72,269,990 India.