Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

According to foreign media reports, President Indonesia Sprisvi emphasized that no nickel ore was exported in the form of raw materials. Although the policy causes the EU to file a lawsuit against Indonesia to the World Trade Organization (WTO), he said it is not afraid. SASW Wednesday (13/10) In the National Palace, I said that when I said that even if we were prosecuted in the WTO, we didn’t mind. This is our nickel mine, we want to build a factory here, we want to produce here, this is our right. Sokoche said that the government will never retreat and choose to face the EU filed lawsuit. The government will prepare reliable lawyers to deal with this issue. He emphasized that we must have courage, can’t be tense because of the presupposition of the WTO. Yes, we have prepared an international lawyer group. Spriso also said that he will not change the policy of nickel ore export ban, although this has caused the EU protest. He emphasized that this policy was developed to improve the national welfare. Spriso said that nickel use has great potential. This resource is no longer exported in the form of raw materials, and can be processed into a lithium battery or stainless steel battery, and further fuse with the automotive industry. This use will contribute to the development of electric motor industry and improve domestic revenue. Sagkewa is connected to the future, similar policies will also apply to other resources, such as aluminum mines or aluminum ores to palm oil. He frankly will force state-owned enterprises, the private sector, and even investors have established processing industries in my country. He emphasized that this is the opportunity to integrate the domestic industry. \”At some point, stop so-called original palm oil exports. It must be in the form of cosmetics, butter, biodiesel and other derivatives (can be exported). President Spriso said on Wednesday. Sasevi also said that in addition to hair palm oil, he also plans to stop the export of unprocessed aluminum mines, requiring the production of Indonesian aluminum mines to alumina and metal aluminum to export. Previously, the policy of Indonesia and the EU’s trade relations were warmed by the European Union to the World Trade Organization. On February 22, 202, the EU’s session of the EU at the WTO dispute settlement institution, the second request to set up the DS 592 – related measures to resolve the resolution group. At that time, Trade Minister Ruti said that the government is ready to respond to lawsuits filed in the EU. He said in a written statement that the government and all stakeholders believe that the policies and procedures taken today in Indonesia have compliant the principles and regulations of the WTO. (Overseas steel)