Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

According to the South Korea’s Plan No. 865, South Korea has been a three-year anti-dumping tax for a three-year anti-dumping tax (tax rate details) that is less than or equal to 8 mm in Taiwan in Taiwan, 2021, from September 15, 2021. See Table 1), China is 23.69% -25.82%, Indonesia is 25.82%, and China’s Taiwan is 7.17% -9.47%. Table II. The case involves South Korea tariff 7219.12.1010,7219.12.1090,7219.12.9000,7219.13.1010,7219.13.1090,7219.13.9000,7219.14.1010,7219.14.1090,7219.14.9000,7219.22.1010,7219.22.1090,7219.22 .9000,7219.23.1010,7219.23.1090,7219.23.9000,7219.24.1010,7219.24.1090,7219.24.9000,7219.31.1010,7219.31.1090,7219.31.9000,7219.32.1010,7219.32.1090,7219.32.9000 , 7219.33.1010,7219.33.1090,7219.33.9000,7219.34.1010,7219.34.1090,7219.34.9000,7219.35.1010,7219.35.1090,7219.35.9000,7219.90.1010,7219.90.1090,7219.90.9000,7220.11 . . The following products are not applicable to the above anti-dumping measures: 1. American Materials and Tests Association (AMERICANSOCIETYFORTESTINGMATERIALS (ASTM)) S31254 and N08367 standard steel products, 2. Nickel content is less than 6%, the manganese content is greater than 30% of 200 series nickel-based steel products (Recommend Tax No. 7219.12.10, 7219.13.10, 7219.14.10, 7219.22.1010, 7219.23.1010, 7219. 24.1010, 7219.30, 7219.33.30, 7219.34.10, 7219.35.30, 7219.90.30, 7220, 7220, 7220, 7220.90, 7220.20.1010 and 7220.90.1010), 3. Width is greater than or equal to 2000Tween 316 or 316L steel plate roll 316 or 316L steel sheet having a thickness greater than or equal to 3.0 mm and less than or equal to 1524 mm, a width is greater than or equal to 1524 mm, 5. Compliant China National Standard (GB) 2Cr13, 3Cr13, 4Cr13, 6Cr13,Thick thickness is less than 3.0 mm, the width is less than 400 mm, the hardness is a steel product of HV250 to 350 (inclusive), 6. Carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, copper and nitrogen accounted for steel product specific gravityThe specified steel product.On September 25, 2020, South Korea has investigated the anti-dumping investigation of stainless steel plate rolls originating in mainland China, Indonesia and Taiwan.On July 22, 2021, the Korean Trade Commission issued a resolution 2nd No. 21-10 of No. 23-20-3, which made anti-dumping finals for stainless steel plates in mainland China, Indonesia and Taiwan in Taiwan.Table 1: South Korea’s anti-dumping tax on Wahua Stainless Steel Plate: