Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Thai Dumping and Subsidy Review Review Release announced that the tinned steel plate rolls originated in mainland China, China Taiwan, the EU and South Korea, decided to invest in mainland China, Taiwan, EU and South KoreaBased on the 5-year anti-dumping duty of 5 years based on the shore price (CIF), the anti-dumping duty of the products involved in mainland China is 2.45% -17.46%.

According to Russian related media reports, the minimum tax rate of Russian waste steel export tariffs will increase from the current \”5%,\” but not less than 70 euros / ton \”to\” 100 Euro / ton ($ 114 / ton) \”.This move is to control the Russian waste steel prices and retain waste steel resources to protect their national supply.The current Tariff policy implemented by Russia will expire on January 25, 2022, and the official document of Russia is still in the process of preparation for the 100 Euro / ton of policies.

According to foreign media reports \u0026 ENSP; Japan’s economic industry, Shengfu, November 15, with the US Department of Commerce, the Minister of Commerce, who is visiting the day, is carried out around the United States, the additional tariffs imposed from Japan imported steel and aluminum.Consultation.The Life Terminal will report to Daiqi’s additional tariff issues in the near future representative office (USTR).The US Department of Commerce and USTR announced before talks, it will explore the new day and beauty of steel and aluminum tariffs.Following the European Union, it is possible to reach a tariff part of the exemption from Japan.