Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Septian Hario SETO, deputy minister of Indonesia Ocean and Investment Affairs, recently said that the Indonesian government may pay taxes on nickel and nickel iron exports in 2022.He mentioned that if the price of Nickel is $ 15,000 / ton, 2% tax will be levied, and the tax amount increases with the price of Nickel.The taxation is mainly to promote the investment of downstream nickel industry.

the Pakistan National Tariff Committee issued the latest announcement of the 35/2015 cases, which made the first anti-dumping sunset for the original anti-dumping sunset for the cold-rolled steel plate originally or imported from China. Final Dynasty, ruling that if China’s anti-dumping duty of China, the dumping of products involved, and the substantive damage to the domestic industry in Pakistan will continue or once again, decided to continue to collect products involved in China from January 13, 2021. 5 years of anti-dumping tax (detailed in the following table); at the same time, the anti-dumping duty of the Ukrainian product is canceled, and the dumping of the products involved may no longer continue or once again, so the anti-dumping duty tax of the product involved in Ukraine will be terminated. The product involved is 0.15 mm to 3.00 mm, the width of 1,250 mm, the two-stage unlafered, the coating or coating iron or non-alloy steel cold rolled coil and the flat steel plate, excluding partial models of automotive shells Board and tinplate blackboard. Pakistan tariff for the product concerned 7209.1510,7209.1590,7209.1610,7209.1690,7209.1710,7209.1790,7209.1810,7209.1899,7209.2510,7209.2590,7209.2610,7209.2690,7209.2710,7209.2790,7209.2810 and 7209.2890. Serial No. Producer / Exporter Reference Chinese Name (Manufacturer / Export) Anti-Dumping Tax Rate 1 Steel Casey Steel Company Ltd.) 19.04% 2 Shougang Jingtang Steel Joint Co., Ltd. (Shougang Jingne) Iron \u0026 amp; Steel Co. Ltd.) 19.04% 3 Beijing Shougang Cold Rolling Company Ltd.) 16.27% 4Handan Iron \u0026 amp; Steel Group Han-Bao Co. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Ltd. Limited MAANSHAN IRON \u0026 AMP; Steel Company Ltd.) 19.04% 6 Other 19.04% July 2015, the Pakistan National Tariff Committee launched an anti-dumping investigation of cold-rolled steel plates originated or imported from China and Ukraine. On January 19, 2017, the Pakistan National Tariff Council made anti-dumping affirmative and decided to China and Ukraine’s cold-rolled steel sheets, and decided that since January 13, 2016, it was a five-year anti-dumping duty on the products involved in China and Ukraine. The tax rate is 13.17% ~ 19.04%.On January 8, 2021, the Pakistan National Tariff Committee issued an announcement, launched the first anti-dumping sunset recovery in China and Ukraine cold rolled steel plates, which involved Pakistan Tax No. 7209.1610,7209.1790,7209.18,109.1891,7209.1899Products under 7209.2610, 7209.2690, 7209.2710, 7209.2790, 7209.2810 and 7209.289.