Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

the US International Trade Commission (ITC) voted for imported from China, China Taiwan, Brazil, Japan and Thailand’s carbon steel to the welded tube parts, the fifth anti-dumping sunset retrial industry damages affirmative and finalies, rulingThe anti-dumping duties involved in the case, in a reasonable and foreseeable period, the substantive damage caused by the US domestic industry will continue or once again, in the decision, 5 members are affirmative, based on the US International Trade CommissionAffirmative Industrial Damage is finalized, the United States will continue to impose anti-dumping duties on the products involved in the above countries.

the US Department of Commerce issued an announcement, the application of the US Enterprise Mid Continent Steel \u0026 amp; Wire, Inc. launched the imported from India, Sri Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey, started anti-dumping investigation, and importedAnti-subsidiaries in India, Oman, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Turkey.The case involves the US Coordination Tariff Tax No. 7317.00.5501,7317.00.5502,7317.00.5503,7317.00.5505,7317.00.5507,7317.00.5508,7317.7317.00.5540, 7317.5560, 7317.00.5570, 7317.00.5580, 7317.00.5590, 7317.00.6530, 7317.00.6560 and 7317.00.7500 under products.The US International Trade Commission is expected to make an industrial damages on February 14, 2022.(Business parties)