Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

local time, according to the US local media, the newspaper reported that the United States and Japan have reached an agreement, and the US, the United States, the United States, began to execute tariff policies for Japanese steel products.According to the news, the United States will suspend 25% tariffs within a certain Japanese steel import quota, but the part of this amount will remain induced.But the protocol does not include the aluminum products.Japan’s aluminum products will still be increased by 10%.At the same time, there will be no Japanese intervention in the negotiations of USE curbing high-carbon emissions steel industries.

Common Society reports that the United States and Japan have been close to an agreement will cancel the tariffs of some US steel imports on Japanese steel imports.The report quoted anonymous message, and the two countries have not finally finalized the import quota size and other details of the exemption tariff.Japan has been calling for thoroughly canceling 25% tariffs imposed by imported steel, and 10% tariffs imposed on imported aluminum.